• Stock inventory

Our stock inventory

In our German warehouses Dormagen and Nürtingen we stock a wide range of rolled / bright bar steel programme of round, square, hexagon, flat and angle profiles and wires. Our warehouse size of up to 6,000 t allows us to supply quantities typical for production within a few days.

In addition to the standard products of common austenitic materials the duplex qualities AISI 329 and F51, highly corrosion-resistant materials 926, 904L, S31254 and heat-resistant alloys X10CrAlSi18, 309, 314 and S30815 are also available in our warehouses.

For series parts, the processing of which is intensive, we store variants with optimized machinability - MaxiVal / ValPlus - in the quality categories 304, 303, 316L and 316Ti. These grades were agreed and developed in cooperation with our customers.

We can provide you with drawn wires, wires for lightning conduction and reinforcing wires / bars from our stock. For designs, materials and dimensions please refer to the relevant category.

Due to the networking with our production warehouses and our sister warehouses within the European foreign countries we also have access to an inventory of more than 60,000 t of stainless long products. This also includes nickel base alloys and titanium (also for the medical sector), which can be supplied within 10 - 14 days.