Special products


Valbruna, approved by the leading OEMs of the Aerospace and Defence industry, represents a reliable partner for the distribution of a wide range of highly specialised Aeroval® grades.

For Aerospace applications, like aeronautical engines, structural components, fasteners & rivets, fittings & sensors and many others, Valbruna offers a wide range of Specialty Alloys able to offer the greatest performance in environments subject to great fluctuations of temperature and extended cycle fatigue while guaranteeing absolute reliability, operational safety and efficiency.

Valbruna Edelinox has recently obtained the AS9120 rev. B certification for the distribution of high performance Stainless steel & Nickel alloys for the Aerospace market in the following profiles: rounds, flats, square, hexagons and wire rod.

GRADES Heat treatment Standard DIA mm
Werkstoff UNS/AISI
1.4545.4 S15500 H1025 AMS5659/Type2 10 - 180
1.4548.4 S17400 H1025 AMS5622/Type1 20 - 180

Solenoid steels – Magival®

Magival® is a range of ferritic stainless steels dedicated to solenoid technology applications providing improved machinability and outstanding magnetic properties (high permeability and low coercive force). The carefully controlled chemical analysis and sophisticated working processes create a ferritic structure which is highly sensitive to variations in a magnetic field. This avoids the need for expensive heat treatment by the user after machining. Due to their extreme ease of magnetization and demagnetization, Magival® grades are ideally suited for use in the manufacture of magnetic cores, solenoid valves, electromagnetic pumps and devices, flow regulators, fuel injection components, sensors, actuators etc.

Valbruna Grade GRADES Standard DIA mm
Werkstoff Alloy
MG1 1.4105 430F ASTM A838 Alloy 1; ASTM A582
EN 10088-3
6 - 150
MG2 1.4105 430FR ASTM A838 Alloy 2
EN 10088-3
6 - 150
MG4 1.4106 ASTM A838 Alloy 2+Mo 6 - 150

Solenoid steels – Silicon iron alloys

Valbruna offers a range of Silicon-Iron alloys that are generally used in applications requiring higher electrical resistivity, higher permeability, and lower coercive force than provided by either carbon steels or soft magnetic stainless steels such as the Magival® series.

Due to their high magnetic properties, Silicon-Iron alloys are mainly used in the manufacture of relays, solenoids and injectors parts for the automotive industry.

Valbruna grades of Silicon-Iron alloys are classified according to the silicon content in the chemical composition according to the standard classification of ASTM A867.

Valbruna Grade Standard DIA mm
FeSi3P ASTM A867 - TYPE 2F 6 - 150
FeSi4 ASTM A867 - TYPE 3 6 - 150

Special grades for flats & squares

We offer an extensive and versatile range of flat and square bars of Stainless and Specialty Steels, widely used for the manufacturing of valves, pumps, fittings, pharmaceutical & food machines, packaging machines, sensors and other industrial applications.

Cutted from block Warm processed, pickled - EN 10058, EN 10059
Cold drawn - EN 10278-h11
1.4057 / 431 1.4112 / 440B 1.4122 1.4462 / F51 1.4542 / 630
1.4301 / 304L 1.4305 / 303 1.4541 / 321 1.4404 / 316L 1.4571 / 316Ti
1.4878 / 321H 1.4742 1.4841 / 314 1.4923

Heat resistant steels

There are some applications at elevated temperatures (such as aircraft components, chemical plants and petrochemical equipment) where a good combination of high strength and corrosion resistance is requested.

For these kinds of applications, the heat resistant steels could provide the most suitable compromise between different properties such as: good resistance to corrosion, creep, fatigue, thermal fatigue, thermal shock, impact, cavitation and erosion, good fracture properties, forming characteristics and weldability.

Available Profiles Rounds Flats Squares
1.4541 / 321 1.4742 / 442 1.4828 / 309 1.4878 / 321H 1.4841 / 314
1.4845 / 310S 1.4835 / 253Ma 1.4876 / Alloy 800 1.4980 / Alloy 660 1.4862 / Alloy DS
2.4856 / Alloy 625 2.4858/ Alloy 825 2.4816 / Alloy 600 2.4851/Alloy 601

Threaded rods

Valbruna offers a wide range of Stainless steel threaded rods type A2 and A4, with metric threading according to ISO 3506 – 1, coarse thread, Form A – DIN 976, suitable for use in environments where corrosion resistance is a decisive factor for the end-use of the product.

The Stainless steel threaded rods are ideal for use in environments that are prone to condensation, contact with water, in carpentry, in civil and industrial construction, infrastructure, solar panel mountings, and in coating panels in environments prone to corrosion.

Grade / Dimension Length Class DIN Standard
1.4301 / A2 / 304 M8-M24 1000-4000 mm Klasse 70 976
1.4301 / A2 / 304 M8-M20 1000-4000 mm Klasse 80 976
1.4401 / A4 / 316 M8-M24 1000-4000 mm Klasse 70 976
1.4401 / A4 / 316 M8-M20 1000-4000 mm Klasse 80 976

We supply products for special markets and applications: Valves, Pumps, Machined Parts, Forged Parts, Sensors, vacuum, nuclear, energy, oil & gas, Cryo, High Pressure, connectors, bolts, screws, nuts, heat resistant, high corrosion resistant, loadcells etc.